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Kelley Akers, alias White Noiz.
19 year old American Killjoy, Cumberbunny, and grade-a loser who's living the hell outta life.

I draw, I write, I fantasize about hedgehogs named Bilbo and Dragons named Ben. What more could you want? A lot, probably. But the world's stuck with me, and they better learn to love it, because I'm not leaving here any time soon.
11 years of depression, and I'm still chugging on. I am living, loving proof that it gets better, so if you're reading this and living in hell, I'm here for you and I promise it does get better. Drop me an ask if you need to talk to someone, hunnybunches, I love all of you, even if you don't love me :3
posted 1 year ago

So many dewdles…. This took me two hours…WHY DID THESE TAKE ME TWO HOURS? THEY’RE DINKY SHITTY LITTLE DOODLES?? >.>

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